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If you are a (potential) company looking for funding for your start up or existing company please go to the list a business page to email us at

About InvestMe

We are a platform that connects (potential) businesses and investors.
Businesses can put up listings which can be viewed by investors on the home page
and the investors can reach out to the business owners to discuss any potential deals.

We strive to become a platform where any average person can use investme and create
wealth lasting a lifetime and with the community make a better economy.

There is absolutely zero risk for users on investme as we do not handle any cash transactions currently hence we are just a platform that connects people.
However with any negotiations and investments that take place after the connection of parties will involve risk as does any investment.

What do you gain?

As a user who is looking for funding you are putting your business out there so users can see your company and consider investing in you.
As an investor you are able to connect to companies that you may have not been able to connect to before investme hence opening up new windows of opportunity for you.